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We believe education  and then practice, practice, practice is the way to advance quickly in photography. 

We provide fun, small group photography courses at our gallery in Haji Lane.

Sandra teaches all the course herself and she ensures,that they are practical and relevant to each student. 

She wants you to get out there and start shooting in M mode as soon as possible.

Yet, from personal experience, she knows that you must learn some theory on which you can build your practical skills.

She has been teaching beginners and intermediate levels photographers for the last 4 years. 

Here is what some students have said about their educational experience.


"Another great outing! thanks Sandra x"

"Thank you Sandra, it was a great experience!"

"Sandra, thank you for refresher course on Sunday, it really helped"

"Thank you for the fabulous class today - I am already looking forward to learning more and getting more out of my camera"

Thank you very much for this lesson, your patience and also easy and funny way to explain basics!

"Awesome teacher!" 


All students have to complete the Beginner/Step 2 combo before they can come out on photography outings. 

This course is split over two mornings one week apart - each morning is a 2 hour session. In these classes you will learn all about your own gear including lenses, your camera body and how to shoot in M mode so you can kiss Auto goodbye and become a creative photographer. 

All DSLRs and mirror less cameras are welcome. If your camera has the M mode ability, then you can come along to a class :) 


PLEASE click here to see  Courses available now and a more detailed description of the course content. 


Sandra is also available for private classes if time permits. You can email her here Private photography classes

For a bit of inspiration do have a read of  Sandra's Blog as well. 

THANK YOU and have a clicking great day :)