How to choose a professional printer and why I love mine!

May 24, 2017
Having your photograph printed, isn't as easy as we expect it to be. There are so many professional printing labs out there and hence I will try and give you a few hints...
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The 10 Minute Habit - this trick will make you a better photographer!

May 05, 2017
Of course I am not a neuroscientist, but it is a fascinating science and very encouraging for all of us who are learning new skills - such as photography! More later. Le...
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My top 5, easy peasy spots for great Singapore street photography - a fun way to start the day.

April 23, 2017
I am writing this with a heavy heart as I heard from a distant friend, that for the last year she has been battling with breast cancer I am sure all of you have been touc...
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Yeah! I bought that fancy camera! Now what??

April 09, 2017
So in my virtual blog world I am presuming that after my last post you have now all gone out and bought yourself a nice new camera. What did you get?? Or maybe you have...
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I am a newbie - which camera should I buy??

April 02, 2017
Yeah Blog post No 2! Now that I have told you my 'from clinic to camera' story I hope that many of you feel inspired to give your own photography a big boost. If you mi...
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